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September 22 2017

Today is my boyfriend¡¯s birthday. On the way to work this morning, a coyote slowly crossed the road in front of our car, looking our way. We thought about coyotes all day and felt the one we saw was definitely speaking to us. Stay open to possibilities ¡­
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August 12 2017

Hello! I’m Alice from @alimaravillas on instagram (www.alimaravillas.es), a child teacher and a crochetter. At present, in my instagram and blog, I am a life handmade with the lifestyle. I like to get my followers the idea that we can make the crochet modern. I use very current accessories in my photos to get that idea and I think your product is perfect. In addition, crocheters love to moisturize us inside and if it is with better style Would you like to work with me? Sure to my friend #ConiDarko loves the idea of ​​photographing with your magnificent bottles Let’s do it!

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