How to clean your EQUA bottle?


March 18 2019

Hi how can I clean the Mismatch case? I’ve been using the bottle for a few months and recently it started to smell funny, but I don’t want to replace it yet. I clean the bottle in the dishwasher(without the case).

October 03 2018

Hi Krista! Did you try cleaning the cap with baking soda, leaving it to soak inside the cap with warm water during the night? It is good to leave the cap off the bottle when possible so it can dry, otherwise the constant moisture in a closed bottle can make an affect on the cap itself. If you have more questions please contact us directly on All best!

October 03 2018

Equa glass bottles are beautiful but after using it for couple of months the cap started to smell like mould. I clean it every day, and removed the silicone from the cap to clean it but the awful smell is still there. It’s disgusting so I stopped using my bottle and I’m in search for new one..

September 11 2018

Hi Dora! If you’re having a Mismatch bottle with faux-leather cover, at first it will be a bit hard to put it down due to leather being completely new. We suggest you putting it down gently with your hands and after a while the leather will get used to stretching.

September 11 2018

How can I take my mismatch bottle out of it’s case? It is soo tight, I’m afraid if I force it it might break or became loose.

August 14 2018

Hi everybody! Please try drying the cap thoroughly more often besides frequent cleaning. Leave the cap off the bottle when in the office or at home so it can dry in the mean time. If you have more questions please contact us here or directly Have a great day!

August 14 2018

I have only used the Bottle with water and I have mold problem in the silicon. I have put it in boiling water with vinegar – didnt work. Used baking soda on it – didnt work. Turnt the silicone and now both sides have mold. I am cleaning it regularly but still… I am SUPER dissapointed by that fact and ordering only the cap with shippingcost is a NO for me =(

July 28 2018

I’ve removed silicone from the cap using flat screwdriver, threw everything in boiling water and voila. Washed it after and all good.

March 24 2018

The same issue as guys in previous comments- but in my case mold has already appeared in the cap although I was cleaning it well and always left it to dry itself after use. What do you recommend me to do? I am afraid of negative healthy effects of keep using it- can you provide me with some solution?

March 04 2018

My recommendation would be to throw it in the trash, that’s how i solved my problem. Can’t believe how the cap smell is not discussed anywhere.

February 14 2018

I completely agree with Lenka – the glass part is not the problem, but the cap might start to smell funny, so… any suggestions? Thanks!

November 03 2017

I bought the Equa bottle a while ago and I love it! I always try to make sure that the bottle is properly clean, but I don’t know how to remove the silicon from the cap so I can clean it there. I’m afraid that some nasty mould will appear soon if I don’t clean it properly. Any tips on this?

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