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EQUA team
December 19 2018

@Amy EQUA bottles have a 100% leak-proof lid. Best regards!

December 19 2018

HI there!
The bottle looks awesome, but i this one leak free?
I want to put this bottle in my handbagage without leaking.
I’d like to hear from you!

Regards, Amy

EQUA team
December 17 2018

@Tamara The tracker comes now with a rechargeable battery, so you don’t need to worry about replacing batteries. All best!
@Igor A companion mobile app for the EQUA Smart Water Bottle helps you keep close track of your hydration. The app recommends your daily water intake according to your body characteristics and lifestyle. It tracks your water intake and offers you an insight look in your hydration habits and analytics. You can also control the frequency of glow reminders on the bottle that will remind you when you need a sip of water. The tracker itself can communicate with you, even without the use of your phone with a gentle tap on the bottle (reveals you how well you are doing – with a slow glow if you’re on track or a quick glow if you need to catch up), yet it cannot track the amount of water intake and calculate your progress on itself. Best regards!

Igor Kovalyuk
December 17 2018


I’m interested in this product for my grandmother who very seldom drinks water and thus doesn’t stay hydrated. It would be excellent for her to receive a reminder about drinking water and a bottle that glows at regular intervals seems brilliant. However I’m not so sure about measuring her metrics on it as she won’t have a smart phone and thus won’t have the APP that tracks how active she’s been. Is it possible to use this product without all of those metrics, but rather set it up to glow at regular intervals and possibly based on how much water had been drunk already?

It would be cool actually for me or my father to use her drinking metrics so we can keep track of her water intake.

Please let me know if others have used this product in such a way and if not, if this seems feasible.

Thank You,

May 22 2018

Good morning,

I’m thinking of buying your new water bottle as a gift for my birthday, the question I have is: when the battery runs out, can I buy a spare part of it or do I need to buy a new water bottle?

Thank you so much


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