6 signs of Dehydration

Up to 70% of human adult body is water, therefore it makes total sense that fluids (especially water) are very important for our health and body balance. It also makes sense that your body can get dehydrated very quickly and since we care about you, we want to help you prevent that! Here are 6 signs which show that your body is experiencing dehydration and needs water ASAP. 

1. Your pee appears dark

Dark yellow urine is the first and most obvious sign of dehydration. It normally happens when blood pressure level falls and the kidney attempt to store water instead of expel it from the body. Note that urine can change its color due to various reasons, but dehydration is one of the most common ones.

2. Your skin is dry

Water is essential for hydrated and glowy skin and when you don’t drink enough water, your body has to spend it for basic functions and your skin gets the short end and gets dry. As we know dry skin looks older and more tired, and we don’t want to look like that, right?

3. Your energy level is low and you feel tired

When we’re properly hydrated, water maintains the appropriate amount of blood in our blood vessels and to regulate blood pressure. When we’re dehydrated, blood volume and blood pressure may drop. Without proper oxygen level, our muscles and nerves function slowly down and we become easily tired.

4. You feel dizzy

When your blood pressure drops due to dehydration, dizziness often follows if you stand up too quickly. If the body is severely robbed of water, extreme confusion and dizziness can occur. You may also feel like you can’t catch your breath.

5. Muscle cramps

Hydration is vital for your muscles contraction and when your body doesn’t have enough water in storage it can lead to muscle cramps. Muscle cramping with dehydration often occurs in the side or in a calf muscle. Both can be very painful, but hydrating can ease the pain and prevent continued cramping.

6. You feel hungry all the time

If you leave drinking until you feel thirsty, you may become dehydrated before you’re actually thirsty. You may feel hunger when dehydrated, which explains why a single glass of water can easily shut down night time hunger pangs in almost all cases. However, dry, parched, thick feeling in the mouth can be a signal of late stage of dehydration.

Now go ahead, take a sip of water and stay hydrated! :)

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