3 simple ways to increase productivity at work

Do you find yourself easily distracted while working? From phone ringing, (e)meetings to cooping between different tasks, there is always something that can disrupt your workflow. Especially if you're working from home which requires even stronger attention to cope with the intensity of workflow. However, while dealing with work (no matter what kind or type), we easily forget about those little (yet most) important things - to eat, stretch, and most importantly - drink water.
Drinking enough water makes you focus better, makes your brain function faster and keeps you awake & energized. We’re all aware of the importance of hydration (if not – make sure to see all the reasons, why you should be chugging down the next sip of water HERE), yet we still easily forget to meet our daily quota.
So what can you do to encourage hydration in your workplace and get back to work re-energized?

Scroll down & find out.

1 Keep water at your desk

Having a water bottle at your desk is the best visual reminder to hydrate. And make sure to choose one with a design and function you really love (all varieties can be found in our online store). This way, filling it up before you head out the door will be a no brainer. 

2 Take regular hydration breaks

Even in the busiest of days, make sure to take a quick water break. That can be achieved with a simple sip of water, where you take a moment for yourself and relax the mind for just a second. Afterward, your mind and body will be ready to accomplish every little challenge coming along your workday.

3 Keep hydrating snack close at your disposal

20% of your daily water intake comes from the foods you eat, especially in the summertime. That’s why you should find hydrating fruits or vegetables and eat smaller bits once in a while to help you stay hydrated and energized. True boosting food with a hydrating impact can be berries cucumbers, watermelon and any type of leafy greens.

Now stop and take a moment to hydrate!


P.S.: Don’t forget to remind others to drink water as well. Happy and healthy co-workers are the kinds we all love the most, right? :)

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