5 ways to make the most of your day

As our lives are shrinking by the day, and so our usual normal activities, most of us will have to spend more time at home in the upcoming weeks. No matter how hard it might be to imagine being stuck at home the whole time during this tough period, we have to look it on a rather more positive note. This is the time you can catch up on all the things you never got around to, or simply continue doing what you loved doing even outdoors.
In such, we have compiled a list of things to do at home, that will keep you healthy, energized and occupied at the same time.



Your body is all your need, so turn your environment into your workout space and be at your best peak performance at all times. We at EQUA often do various workout and yoga free classes, might it be on our blog or youtube. If you're ready to feel & look good, we recommend a variety of workouts, given below: 

And don't forget to hydrate in between! Proper hydration counts half the workout. You ask yourself why? Find all the perks about drinking water HERE


Now is the perfect time to brush up on your cooking skills. Might be a simple morning smoothie, or a 3-day meal plan (the one we prepared in collaboration with successful foodie Ayatana is a must-have - see it HERE), work your way through our easy-to-follow recipes for a range of delicious & most-of-all healthy dishes.


Now it's the perfect time to learn how to ''recycle online''. Make a shopping list of stuff you necessarily need, give an extra-eye on the zero-waste alternatives offered, that you might not directly notice while in-store, and get your groceries delivered on time and with less waste. We at EQUA strive to offer healthy & nature-friendly alternatives to disposable plastic bottles, so we made an extra effort to provide you all the options through our own online store. Feel free to select all design varieties HERE and enjoy every next sip of water/ tea or coffee directly from a high-quality & long-lasting reusable bottle.


Sitting down in one place the whole day might be hard & overwhelming. So turn your favorite music on & dance the stress away. To spice it up, you can make or find your own dancing challenge, and invite your friends to do the same. A comprehensive list of suggestions can be found on our TikTok account, where we gather all the greats – among our EQUA office, as well outside such.

And trust us – if we can dance, you sure can as well!


If like us, reading has become a guilty pleasure you never have time for, this is the time to rediscover reading. Our EQUA Magazine section offers a variety of sections, from health, beauty, to sustainability, that will give you a tip of useful information in every aspect you desire. Take a look at it and enjoy!

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