Why Is Water Important For us?

 Our body is composed of water and it reaches up to 60% of its weight. Such a high number also means that water plays an extraordinary role to keep us healthy and happy.

But have you ever thought WHY water is so important for us? Keep reading and you will find out why you should put effort into your daily hydration.

Why Is Water Important For us

  • Drinking a lot of water gives you more energy by refreshing your muscles and keeps fatigue away.
  • Thanks to water your metabolism speeds up and boosts the renewal of cells.
  • Water keeps your skin looking naturally glowing and healthy looking.
  • If constipation is causing you problems, it is probably from lack of water. Drink adequate amount of water and also eat a lot of fiber containing foods to keep your stomach happy.
  • A healthy amount of daily water prevents circulatory disorder and thinning of bones.
  • Water helps you to remove toxins through kidneys and bladder, and it also prevents you from getting kidney stones.
  • If you are feeling hungry, drink one glass of water to feel more full. Water is a big helper if you want to lose weight and at the same time keep your body well. How? Read how water helps you to lose weight.

''Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues.'' - Kevin R. Stone


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