EQUA Certificates

By purchasing, you are donating to the environment
By purchasing EQUA accessories, you are donating 10% of the profit value to ecological organizations. Your donation will contribute to a cleaner environment by supporting ecological campaigns and organizations throughout Europe.

The product is safe in contact with food and drink
The official certificate indicates that the EQUA bottle is made of “food contact materials”, which means that the liquids will not be contaminated when stored in the EQUA bottle. The product is safe for use and good for your health.

Suitable for hot drinks
Hot liquids like tea, coffee or hot chocolate can be poured into your EQUA bottle thanks to the great quality of the material of the bottle and accessories as well. It is resistant to high temperatures of up to 100ºC (212ºF).

Designed in Slovenia
All EQUA products including EQUA accessories are designed in Slovenia, EU.

Reduce, reuse and recycle
The certificate indicates that the bottle and accessories are suitable for multiple uses and recycling. If you reuse the EQUA bottle you are helping to reduce the production and use of ordinary plastic bottles.

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