Facts about plastic bottles


January 14 2020

this is crazy that is major pollution

December 19 2019

this is an amazing website it really helped me with my heritage fair project!! :)

December 02 2019

Thank you so much you helped me with my science project and out of all the websites I checked this is the best by far

November 15 2019

these facts are so interesting

August 19 2019

thx so much

May 20 2019

I would like to start an initiative/ event to reduce the use of plastic water bottles in households, in my own town. please contact me if you are interested in helping create a movement .

May 17 2019

thank you for these facts

benjiman David amspaugh
May 08 2019

Thank you. Your blog helped me understand why we need to recycle. Plastic water bottles are overrated. Thank you again, you have supported me to start recycling and tell people in my neighborhood about the impacts of recycling.

p.s. sorry about the first Comment

jonah nuttley
May 06 2019

great facts

Rekha Biswa
April 30 2019

best website

March 07 2019

This is terrible. There should not be that much plastic being used in the whole world.

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