Facts about plastic bottles

Given that you are on this website you are probably aware of the alternatives and the benefits of recycling plastic bottle.

Consumer culture that prevails around us makes huge pollution and the occurrence of plastic waste.

Below is a list of facts listing the extent of pollution:

  • Plastic bottles require up to 450 years to dissolve.
  • 90% of the cost of bottled water is the bottle itself.
  • 80% of plastic bottles never get recycled.
  • 38 million plastic bottles go to landfill each year in America alone.
  • 24,000,000 liters of oil is needed to produce these billions of plastic bottles.
  • The average American consumes 217 bottles of water per year.
  • Bottling water and shipping transport is the least energy efficient method of water supply in the history of mankind.
  • Bottled water is the second most popular beverage in the United States.

Although the possibility of buying bottled water is simple and convenient for you, think about the impact on the environment. Take care of the environment and the future of our children.


A great first step is switching to a reusable water bottle. Meet our bestsellers and see if any of them fit your lifestyle.

Together we can do this.

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