Are you ready for Active Summer?

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, everyone want to make the most of the sunshine. Summer is all about having fun in the sun, but it is also the perfect opportunity for you to improve your hydration routine, by getting yourself a summer version of bottle you love.

And that’s why Active Summer was created. For all of you life lovers, who don’t really have time to think about drinking water all the time. Active Collection of EQUA bottles is designed and made for all the girls, who live active lifestyle and want to stay fit, in a good shape and hydrated on every step they/we take. With upper silicone added to the bottle, the Active bottles offer extra protection, so you can be sure nothing will happen while you’re busy working out or just taking care of your well-being. It also makes it much easier to take your Equa Active bottle with you to the gym, yoga or for a walk in the park. The thinner silicones that come with bottles are made out of an extra thin silicone, so you can either use those as a decoration for your bottle or wear them around your wrist as a reminder to stay hydrated.

Are you ready for Active Summer

You might know our Active collection by now, but in stronger colour. Now Active collection got a major summer make over and new name as well: Active Summer. It’s a brand new line of bottles that come in soft pastels and they call for nothing less than summer freshness. They are more than perfect to be styled with your summer outfit, taken with you to the beach or make you some company while working out.

Are you ready for Active Summer

Also, they come in very limited quantities for now and the interested in those is huge, so since there are only few left we suggest you to choose your favourite colour of the summer and get yourself your beach companion ;)

Are you ready for Active Summer


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