Are you ready to feel EMPOWERED?

Do you ever find yourself comparing to others? Feel like you've been judged by something you said or did? There's a war inside your head filled with memories, certain acts, and feelings you are or were experiencing? 
How about one day, instead of all this ''judging and comparing myself to others'', you decided to simply ''choose yourself''? 


Let's take a step back and keep it real – EQUA consists of 35 creative individuals, out of which almost 20 are women. Women who are strong, brave, and unique, each for their own set of characteristics she possesses. Yet, no matter the bliss and glam of mentioned, each of them sometimes gets into a dull moment of questioning herself. Just, like everyone else.
How can we, as individuals, live the most empowered life possible?
 In the past couple of months, we were trying to inspire people to feel confident the way we are, teaching us all there's nothing we cannot achieve! However, as this year got tipsy when we least expected it, we all got shaken up by the events going in and around our lives, to the point many of us felt down again. So that low point is when it all started ...
Our marketing & design team set down through a set of quarantine-zoom-calls in awe to find an inspiration for everyone that feels insecure, deprived, or in any sense down, including ourselves. From the PJ time of outfits (appropriate for long Zoom calls), to find a common idea, while being miles away from each other, to arguing and discussing the best storyline that could represent our best self. Unpredictable, in some points doubting, yet utmost exciting creative process, that after 2 months brought us to the one thing, you'll be able to see, carry and use every day and more very very soon.
To celebrate and inspire women from all around the world, we started from our point of view. What empowerment means for us and what we wish for everyone around us. Because empowerment has nothing to do with competition, yet it has everything to do with the contribution.


All of our wishes, creativeness, and life experience brought us to EMPOWERED.
A new, limited-edition bottle, that was designed to remind you of your inner power.
To remind you of your aspirations and goals without comparing yourself to others.
To cheer you up when you need it.
Or to use it as your permission slip to go after your dreams!
Starting this Thursday, 13th of August, 2020 at 2 PM (CEST).
For more exclusive details about Empowered see our Instagram.

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