Everything you need to know about EQUA Smart Water Bottle

 We have been creating beautiful water bottles for 8 years already. Ever since, we've listened to all of your feedbacks, went deep into understanding the experience of staying hydrated, gathered all your needs and wishes and now finally combined it all in what we believe is the most complete water bottle. If you're in any way interested in building a healthy lifestyle routine for yourself, the new EQUA Smart Water Bottle is your ultimate best solution!
 There's a new EQUA bottle in town and she's smarter, prettier and more luxurious than ever!

''Make drinking water a habit.''


 Beyond product design, the future in the new EQUA Smart Water Bottle is in its product experience. To better understand that, we're providing you an insight on how the Smart Water Bottle works and why you won't be able to live without it.
 When creating the new EQUA Smart Water Bottle, our challenge was to build the technology and provide you with the best user experience. We've chosen motion sensor technology, which recognized all your movements and calculates the amount of water you have drunk during the day. The main technology is stationed in its software parts and we've even included machine learning so when the bottle recognized your drinking motion, it will learn with you and send you glow reminders when you need the most.
Benefits of EQUA Smart Water Bottle
  • Syncs with an EQUA hydration app on your phone via Bluetooth
  • Calculates your daily water needs, considering your personal parameters
  • Track your overall water intake
  • Glows to remind you to take a sip of water
  • Needs no charging since it works with replaceable batteries


Every glow will remind you to take a sip of water

Calculates your optimal daily water intake

Tracks your water intake 

 The EQUA Smart Water Bottle has a sensor tracker at the bottom of the bottle that syncs to the accompanying phone app to track your water intake. It is based on a detailed calculation of your daily needs, considering your personal information, such as age, weight, sex, and average daily activity. Additional features, such as ''hot day'' or ''high-intensive activity'' choosing modes will adjust your water needs more accordingly. The APP is available at no cost for you in Apple Store (for iOS devices) and in Google Play (for Android devices).
The size of EQUA Smart Water Bottle is 680ml or 23 oz. 
Made out of double wall STAINLESS STEEL, keeping your drinks hot for up to 12 and cold for up to 24h.
Coming ou in 5 different colors – one for each personality with marble or metal top.
Handy finger loops which makes it easy to carry and more fashionable than ever.
It is dishwasher safe, but keep in mind to wash it without the cap and tracker. Otherwise, the electronic parts, as well as the marble/ metal top, can get ruined.
As you already know, EQUA bottle contains some very smart electronical parts, which unfortunately come with risk. For that, we offer you a 1-year limited warranty on all electronic parts!
Now, it's your turn to light up the glow! Let EQUA Smart Water Bottle become your healthy lifestyle reminder and a hydration tracker builder. Every glow will be there to remind you to take a sip of water and a moment for yourself.


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