How to be your best self?

In this life, that's all perfect on Instagram, you often feel a big pressure to look perfect, or in a certain way. You crave for that perfect skin, slim waist, gorgeous long hair, or anything that would make you deep-down favorable to others.
But how about, for a difference, in this present moment, you just allow yourself to be you?


It doesn't seem like a big thing, but in fact, this is absolutely massive.
Set your intentions, start your manifestations, and mute everyone that doesn't bring positivity to your life. Because once you'll turn the search inwards and start truly understanding the ''self'', the actor playing the role, you won't just be given a chance to start again; it will be more than that. You will feel reborn, and most importantly, set free.
And this is the goal you should strive for. To feel free. To feel new. To feel YOU! (If you're still wondering how to make a change inside out, check our 5 tips on how to achieve that HERE).
Take our EQUA babes for example, whom we teamed up at the beginning of this year, to show you how you are enough, just the way you are. And you can achieve it all, no matter your predisposition. Each of our 5 babes told us their own story, teaching us how a person should be two things only – who and what s/he wants. In any given moment.
Real talk with our EQUA girls
  ''I use to remember being a child and being ashamed of my hair color. I was begging my mother to let me color my hair in order to be like everybody else ..., but she didn’t let me. /…/ When I got older, I found an article with information that there are only 2% of read-heads in the world. That was the moment I said to myself: I am lucky to be in that 2%. I am UNIQUE.'' - @anastasijakajba
  ''In this life, that's all perfect on Instagram, you feel a big pressure to look perfect, or in a certain way, especially if you're dealing with skin problems. However, we have to learn that at the end of the day, we are still the best versions of ourselves, so the skin or anything like that shouldn't really define us and we really should embrace our own selves.'' - @nicclinn
  ''From the 9h operation due to diagnosed scoliosis to my own ointment brand, I am leading right now. I could have never thought that the hardest experience in life would lead me to the successful business story I am writing today.'' - @jasna.tattoocare
  ''Handball made my life comfortable, happy, and most of all fulfilled. Until 2005, when I suffered a serious arm injury, which led to only one – end of my handball career. From dreaming of playing internationally, my dreams quickly went to dust. But I didn’t want to stop. After the injury, I set myself clear and realistic goals. This was the point I involved myself in running and gym, working on the things where I can still compete. Today, I can say I found my new love. Love, where I can clear my mind, think about life, and grow out as more positive – running.'' – @sasarunsaround
''It sounds like a cliché, but if you're happy, everyone around you is going to be happy, so just trust yourself and go for it. What's the worst that can happen? You don't make it? Well, ... the world still spins around anyways. So just try it, go out there and do it.'' – @ndolonegra
Now it’s time to stretch yourself; to grow and allow yourself to develop. Think of it as a journey of self-discovery. Do the things you normally do. Nothing more, nothing less. Just be yourself and show everyone who's the boss around here.
 So, what are you waiting for? Make the decision to #beyourbestself and show how YOU DO YOU in the best possible way!

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