How to clean your EQUA bottle?

By choosing an EQUA bottle you choose to reuse. Your reusable EQUA water bottle can be used on the go and with different kind of drinks. From hot beverages to fruit juices, smoothies or just water – all of those can leave some sediments in the inside of your reusable water bottle. Since an EQUA bottle is one thing for sure – reusable – you should have the option to easily clean your bottle to be able to reuse it as often as possible.

The most obvious option to clean the bottle is by using detergent. Since EQUA cares not just for your health but also nature`s wealth we strongly advise you not to use detergents that can harm the nature or your bottle. There are many DIY options that can be used as an alternative to clean the bottle. Therefor EQUA presents you the DIY “Clean my bottle” kit which will help you to clean the bottle in only a few easy steps. The ingredients of the DIY “Clean my bottle” kit are sodium bicarbonate and rice which are 100% ecological and will keep your bottle 100% clean. You can clean the bottle by mixing the ingredients with 0,1L water and putting it in the water bottle. Shake the bottle different ways until the bottle is clean. A better result can be achieved when you leave the cleaning mixture in the bottle overnight before shaking it. After cleaning the bottle should be rinsed with water thoroughly.
With these easy DIY steps your bottle will be clean and shiny like on the first day. You can get the DIY “Clean my bottle” kit in the EQUA ONLINE SHOP.

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