How To Enjoy The Last Summer Days?

August flew by fast and you can easily feel a sense of sadness. You start scheduling busy daily activities in September and you realize that summer is gone. But that doesn't mean you can't revel in these last sunny days, squeezing more joy out of them.

Nearest beach escape

Summertime means it's beach time, so grab some friends, take a ride and enjoy a long dip in water for this seasons last greet. But while doing so, don't forget to keep some water nearby for sipping in between laps.

How To Enjoy The Last Summer Days

Staycation plan

Take a day off and enjoy few golden moments of summer by exploring your own city. Easygoing & wallet-friendly escape guaranteed :) Simply strap on your bike, throw a water bottle in your bag or clip it on your belt and explore the most beautiful local spots.

How To Enjoy The Last Summer Days

Outside chill with your loved ones

It's not always all about where you are but who you are with, so take a sip, make a call and take a walk or a simple sit up with your loved ones wherever you are. 

And what adventures do you still have in store in these last Summer rays? 

Share with us your EQUA trip via Instagram using, by using @myequa and show us your way of catching out that last much-anticipated summer fun!

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