Want glowing looking skin? Eat your water!

Yes, you read that right! Think about it, how many liters of water do you drink daily? The standard amount to keep your body hydrated and all digestive and skin problems at bay is approx. 2,5 liters or 3 EQUA bottles in our language. While for some people reaching this hydration level may be easy peasy lemon squeeze, not everyone can or remembers to drink so much water. And that's perfectly ok! A great way to increase your hydration level is incorporating water based fruits into your diet.



The best part is, not only are you increasing your water intake this way, but you are nurturing your body from the inside-out. And that is the root of perfect skin! You see, no matter how strong your skincare game is, natural beauty comes from our bodies, and hydration makes a huge part of it. This is why infused water is a great way to get all needed nutrients for a clear, radiant looking skin. The vitamins and antioxidants from the fruits will help flush out toxins, while delivering nutrients to your cells and keeping the skin hydrated. And yes, hydrated skin is the key to glowing skin you are after.

Check our favorite yummy water infusion for glowing skin below.

Citrus fruits are a great option to add into your hydration routine. They are considered an antioxidant and play a key role in the formation of collagen due to high Vitamin C content. They also taste great and are super refreshing.  You will need:
• Few slices of lemons and lime
• Few leaves of fresh mint
• Water
• Ice cubes (optional) 

• Ginkgo water bottle


Strawberries , as well as other berries, contain 90% of water which makes them a very hydrating food that's packed with vitamin C and antioxidants . They are also anti-inflammatory and can protect your skin from UV rays. Not only can they provide benefits for your skin, but also taste sooo yummy! You will need:
• 3 sliced strawberries
• Few raspberries or blueberries (optional)
• Few leaves of fresh mint
• Water
• Ice cubes (optional)

    Drinking your way to glowing looking skin has never been easier. All you have to do is put the fruits, herbs and water into your favourite water bottle  and enjoy a flavorful drink full of vitamins and hydration
    goodness on the go.

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