Inja Zalta. Her Secret To Happy Living: Creativity.

Aside from the heart, our brain is the most important par of the body - capable of extraordinary wonders. Without taking care of it, we may decrease longevity of the brain, lower our memory performance and harm our creativity.
Given that our brain is roughly 80% water, the first rule of creating a peak state of performance and optimum creativity is proper hydration.
The young talented actress, model and artist revealed her secret to creativity and shared her tips for healthier wellbeing.

Meet Inja Zalta

"Being able to express my creativity is what makes my everyday complete."

How do you keep yourself energized while working and traveling?

For me, being creative and looking for inspiration in nature, different cultures, arhitecture and in people in general, is what really gets me going and continues to move me forward so I can unleash my creative potential. But often, when my schedule gets super busy, It is easy to get carried away, forgetting to have that healthy meal or even spending 3 hours on the sun and not having a sip of water. With this reason, a simple gesture of being conscious with my body, how I treat it and what I put in it, makes a difference in my overall wellbeing and energy levels.

What boosts your creativity?

When creating, whether it is painting, acting or shooting the next campaign, I always like to think out of the box. I search for many ways to boost my creativity and I find myself performing best when I am in peace with my body and mind. Yoga, veganism and big amounts of fresh water help me think faster, stay focused and experience greater clarity and creativity.

Do you have any simple tips on how to turn drinking water into a healthy lifestyle routine?

I keep my EQUA water bottle on my night stand so that first thing in the morning I can make a few big sips of water and start my day refreshed. I also try to have as much water-fueled foods as possible. I just love fruits and veggies, smoothies and soups. These all help with staying hydrated. Obviously, I love the glow feature on my EQUA bottle the most, since it is such a subtle reminder yet very effective and really helped me improve my water drinking habits.

Thank you, Inja, for showing us a glimps of your creative life. Find more about Inja on her Instagram.

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