Introducing EQUACARE - Body & Home Care products made sustainably

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Over the last 10 years, we have been crafting sustainable water bottles with a mission to protect your health & nature’s wealth. In partnership with you, we have made a significant difference, saving more than 650 million single-use bottles from polluting our environment.
We’ve taken the pledge to build our company in an environmentally-friendly way, and we want to stretch this pledge beyond our water bottles. In such, we’re happy to announce that after a year of researching, educating, and testing, we are finally introducing EQUACARE – a sisterly brand that will go even further in building your sustainable habits without compromising your style and wellbeing.
‘’ Say goodbye to traditional cosmetics. EQUACARE helps you get rid of all aggressive ingredients while lowering your usage of single-use products.’’
EQUACARE is a line of Body & Home care products, that was designed to nurture your skin in the most natural way while protecting the planet from harmful ingredients and waste that comes with it.

Our solution? Concentrated powder formula. 

EQUACARE - reducing waste only offering the active ingredients
Most of the traditional care products contain only 1/10 of active ingredients. 1/10 that is likely to contain parabens, alcohols, or some kind of artificial fragrances. And the rest? Well … the rest is just water that only adds up to the packaging volume and increases the carbon footprint during the transport.
As such, the secret behind EQUACARE is in the natural powder formula. The only 1/10 you actually need when it comes to body & home care. The rest is water that you add yourself. Same efficiency, better quality, less waste.
EQUACARE responsable home and body products
 How does it work? 
You get a bundle of beautiful dispensers and several refills delivered to your home. The secret is in the concentrated powder formula. This is the only 1/10 you actually need. The rest is water which we removed in order to save the transportation burden. At home, you mix the powder with tap water, and in order of seconds, you get yourself a brand new product.

 EQUACARE helps you make a bigger impact with less. 

4 products, 1 purpose.
To enhance the relationship with your body & home in a natural way.
EQUACARE - Line of Sustainable home and body product
BODY LOVERS’ ESSENTIALS (consisting of Hand & Body Soap)
HOME SWEET HOME ESSENTIALS (consisting of Dish Care & Home Care Dispenser)
Both bundles come with multiple refills, so you won’t need to waste additional packaging like in traditional use. How simple is that?

Are you ready to become an active player in the environment?


Transparent labels. No nasties.



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