Mark the Spring with Ginkgo & Bloom

 There's something about fresh blossoming flowers on a tree-lined street or peeking out of a field of grass that makes Spring so special. The time of year when everything in nature is changing and promising new hope. Like taking a big breath of fresh air.

 .New beginning. A fresh start. New hope.

.This Spring, we're stepping outside the comfort zone and letting you be rewarded with a crescendo of bird songs, the welcome sight of animals and a display of flowers bursting into colorful life. With two new EQUA water bottles, we're celebrating perfect balance in a diverse, unique & dynamic way. To provide the world with more life & less waste. 

Meet Ginkgo & Bloom – 
two conventional beauties of eternity and existence.
.Two halves, that together complete wholeness. Combined in perfect harmony, each one of two new EQUA water bottles has it's own form of duality.

Ginkgo, a symbol of strength, hope, and peace for many. A living fossil, inspired by eternity, which springs in the human adaption and faith. Designed with fondness to nature, Ginkgo embodies the promise for change that would heal the world.

.Bloom, a reflection of life, existence, and renewal. Inspired by the blooming blossoms, which are, just like Spring, fiercely twisting in a transitional dance of new life, growth, and celebration at shifting from Winter’s fortress. Etheric and strong, the water bottle embodies the primal force of transformation and revival.

.Beautiful colors of Ginkgo & Bloom are becoming apparent in many landscapes as the two flowers came out of hiding and started blooming while offering a life that leaves less of an impact on the world. 

The first edition of sprayed bottles with glossy print evermore is excited to burst into life in an explosion of sight, sound, color, and sustainability, so what a better invitation to get out and awaken?


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