Meet EQUA's fashionista Isabelle Marie

One of our favourite fashion bloggers knows how to stay hydrated on the go and how to style her favourite EQUA bottle her OOTD. We did a little fashion chichat with Isabelle today and here are some of her best tips!

What is your secret to feeling fresh, energised and keeping your skin beautiful?

Drinking enough water, keeping a good (skin) care routine and of course always removing my make-up!

Your best style tip?

I love to combine high quality items with low prices ones because if you wear at least one item with high quality your whole outfit will look good. But it is much more important that you do not put a costume on - always be yourself and feel well with your styling. 

Your must have fashion accessory?

White sneakers, eyecatching sunnies or glasses, crossbody bags.

Favourite EQUA bottle?

Mismatch White Silk Edition and Infinity.

Your hydration tip?

Set goals for much water you want to drink during the day and make sure your reach them. In my opinion it is helpful to always have a bottle of water with you whether it is on the university, at work or during your free time activities like shopping.



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