Meet EQUA's sport addict Nina

Meet our blogger babe: Nina Radman

What's your secret for a fresh and glam look when working out?

Enough sleep, a good & healthy breakfast and of course enough water.

Your best sport tip?

Do whatever makes you happy. I tried a lot of different sports - running, crossfit, yoga, spinning, swimming,...and it is so important to find something what you really like. At the moment I'm a huge fan of super cycle and bodyweight training.

"Do whatever makes you happy!"

Your must have sport accessory?

My EQUA bottle is definitely my must have sport accessory. I always have a bottle of water to drink a lot during your workout.

Your favourite sports style?

I love high wasted leggings and crop tops, and of course a high ponytail.

Favourite EQUA bottle?

I am so in love with the Eternity bottle. Especially because it is engraved with Berries & Passion.


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