Tips For Summer Getaways

Summer is the ultimate season when it is all about having fun and spending time with those who we enjoy the most! Long lasting beach days, chilling on the lake, soaking up the sun or simply sitting by a bonfire on a warm evening. The best feeling ever! But if we want to keep it up, we must not only take but also give back to nature by keeping it clean. And it is sooo easy!

Below we listed few tips on how to retain our environment clean and safe from leftovers: 

1. When you spot trash...

You are most likely to find a bottle or two on your way to the beach, mountains or city, but do not be afraid to pick it up and throw it away. It is impossible to pick up everything, but a small effort will do good to keep you environment clean and beautiful.

2. Give up plastic bags

Without knowing, we can easily end up with few different plastic bags in a matter of seconds.

 3. Make small changes

Since the summer heat lead in dehydration of your body from the inside out as you sweat more, you want to make sure you are properly stocking up on your H2O intake. Details matter a lot, so bring a reusable glass water bottle to your adventure instead of disposable one. 

4. May your friends & family follow your steps

We are sure almost everyone has a place in their heart for those amazing special places, so pass on the words and help us keep the nature safe and wonderful!


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