New collaboration: SNYR x EQUA

Equa is presenting  NEW, very special and fresh project, in collaboration with Slovenian fashion designer Nina Šušnjara, owner of well-known brands SNYR and SUSNYARA. Nina 's designs are inspired by a contemporary, modern and confident woman.
She designs for women with character and her work is based on complimenting a women's figure, with a touch of edge, inspired by urban streets, raw surroundings and interior. She likes to walk the line between high fashion and street, ready-to-wear fashion, and that 's exactly how our new bottle will look like!

"Integrity is the best accessory. Appropriate for every occasion!"

It is something new and very different from all the other bottles we have, so stay tuned for a big surprise!
How do you take care of your hydration?
I try to drink at least 2 litres of water per day.
What fashion means to you?
Fashion is a form of expression.
Your "must have" fashion accessory?
My pink rose gold hair.
Silver of golden cap?
Rose gold. :)
What is your motto?
Kindness is a gangsta.
Pastels or neutrals?
Neutrals, always!
What was the main reason that you decided for SNYR x MYEQUA collaboration?
I love how aesthetics of both brands complements each other.
Your hydration tip?
It is very simple - just make sure you have your EQUA bottle with you wherever you go! :)

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