New Mismatch Edition is Trendy & Nature Friendly

At EQUA we love spreading positive energy and love for trends and inventions. But while doing so, we also aim to operate in a way which is most considerate of humanity and environment. Our goal is to have a system which works without leaving a negative footprint.

 This season we’re taking our relationship with our glass water bottles to the next level, announcing the comeback of Mismatch in the toughest, restless & boldest style:

NEW Mismatch edition with faux-leather covers.

Faux-leather is a material that works well all year round and is even sustainable & vegan friendly, which makes the nature love it as much as we do. So buckle up and let its multiple guises add a confident girl accent to the most fashionable and glamorous look.

New Mismatch Edition is Trendy & Nature Friendly

What makes the new Mismatch edition so special?
  • Sustainable faux-leather covers
  • Perfect fit 750 ML
  • Stylish metal holders
  • Monochrome design
  • Quality borosilicate glass
Beige, Bronze, Graphite

There are plenty of reasons to own a Mismatch beauty. Those reasons are called events and you should mark them with the ultimate fashion accessory by your side.


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