Our first artist collaboration: Alja Horvat x EQUA

Alja Horvat, 23 years old illustrator based in Slovenia. Best known for her bold, female portraits, she has a thing for combining bold patterns and creating the most outstanding color combinations. Combinations that spark the inspiration behind our collaboration as well.

 Young and creative, she’s the perfect artist soul we wanted to work with in our first artist collaboration.


 The Slovenian artist was listed among Forbes 30 under 30 in early 2020.

Alja, where did you find inspiration for designing the new EQUA bottle cover?

The inspiration came from the fact that we all need time for ourselves in our daily lives. I believe self-care is a very important thing and that taking care of our body and mind will help us improve overall health and mood in the long run.

Could you describe to us your creative process behind designing EQUA bottle?

First, I usually start collecting pictures that I really like and that represent the "mood" of the design I will be working on. Normally I find these pictures on Pinterest and once I have them all collected, I create a moodboard. After that I do a black and white sketch on my graphic tablet, and later I start working on the colours. While drawing, I always listen to the music, it helps me relax and stimulates my creativity.


“It’s a collaboration that blends art with hydration goals. “

Playful colours and vibrant prints will make you feel warm all season long. Alja Horvat x EQUA new bottle is a limited edition.

Tell us what the three figures of women on the bottle represent? Do they have a name or story behind? 

Sure, let’s meet my girls! I called them Beauty, Zen and Yogi. Each girl on the cover is doing her own thing, but they all represent their “self-care moment". One is painting her nails, the other one just came out of the bubble bath and the third one is doing yoga. I illustrated them as a reminder that every woman should sometimes hit a pause on life and treat herself in her own way.

How would you describe your style, approach to graphic design?

I think my style is very colourful, vibrant and maximalistic. I love patterns from the 60s and 70s and I always try to incorporate loud colours or prints from these two eras. A lot of my illustrations revolve around nostalgia and longing for moments we have to ourselves. 

Do you take care of your hydration while creating your art?

Of course, I drink water all the time. It’s the first thing I do in the morning.

Do you have any beliefs or rules that you live by?

I believe in a positive mindset, if you think positively many great things can happen to you, this has been proven to me so many times.

Collaboration with EQUA. How come? How did you decide to work with  our brand?

I can’t really remember how our collaboration actually started, because we've been working on this project for so long, but I’ve always loved EQUA brand and what you are doing, especially regarding the environmental impact you have on the planet. I’m so glad that we had a chance to work together and create such a beautiful design.


Get ready for the new LIMITED-EDITION  ALJA HORVATxEQUA BOTTLE that stands out from the crowd with its colours and graphic design.
Coming tomorrow, 14th of October 2020 at 2 PM (CEST).
For more info about the upcoming collaboration, see EQUA’s or Alja’s Instagram profile.

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