Ready to live a good life again?

This March we are stepping into spring like no other before. More than ever, we have our minds set not only on the much-awaited spring sunshine but also on having hope that better days are on the horizon. We just need to open our hearts to them.

The past year has undeniably been difficult for all of us, but if it did teach us anything, it is to appreciate the beauty of little things in life. It showed us that even in the most unpredictable of times, light can still be found within the everyday moments filled with positive vibes, lighthearted energy, and beautiful people. 


We don’t know about you, but we are SO READY to love life again. We are ready to dare, to dream to bring back the cheer, and simply learn to enjoy and live the good life we somehow lost in between.

Wrapped in daily negativity and uncertainty we forgot we are still allowed to enjoy life through the beauty of little things while we dream and work towards the big ones too. Because you know what? Happiness is not canceled and this spring we are bringing it back.

This is why our new spring water bottle collection, besides some lovely pastels, features an oath to ourselves to truly start appreciating and romanticizing the little things in life as they are the ones that truly count.


Say hello to Lila & Sage our new spring duo designed to help you stay hydrated and keep the bad vibes away. 

Wrapped up in most wanted pastels with dashing golden details, our new glass bottles are here to remind you to enjoy the beauty of little things and dare to live a good life again. 


Join us as we celebrate the much-awaited Spring 2021. with new spring-style signatures. 


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