Start The New Year Fresh & Healthy

Hello, 2019, 
It’s time for new plans and rethinking our vows!
How about that overindulgence during the holidays? Festive dinners, cocktails, loads of cookies, and hectic days surely challenged even the most disciplined ones. 
This year, starting at the very beginning, we have teamed up with a professional to help you navigate, learn and re-establish personal habits. 
Start The New Year Fresh & Healthy
Plant-based food chef, part-time yoga teacher and an owner of famous Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy license from Los Angeles partnered up with us to provide you with fabulous 3-day menu - a selection of simple, delicious and healthy meals from local & seasonal foods that will, together with a proper water intake clean your body from heavy food loads & toxins.
Start The New Year Fresh & Healthy
Over half the population suffer from some kind of body uneasiness. Might it be annoying little symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, headaches or bigger ones such as migraines, acne, reflux or worse, a few days of body cleansing menu could be a simple solution to these and other problems.
That’s why we teamed up with the best. To help YOU achieve a better, happier and healthier version of yourself.
Starting today. Start The New Year Fresh & Healthy
Remove toxins from the body.
Prevent chronic disease.
Enhance immune system function.
Increase energy.
Improve skin quality.
Restore balance to our body system.

    With a 3-day DETOX plan to refresh your body & get you back on track strong and energized.

    Along with this new period, there comes a wonderful opportunity to renew and re-energize yourself, so why not start immediately? 


    Ayatana used only fresh, seasonal & local ingredients for this 3-day DETOX menu. We do not promote feasting, nor instant slimming. EQUA promotes healthy dishes full of flavor, vitamins, and minerals for everybody to feel better and energized. At EQUA we love to explore and we wish you to enjoy exploring new combinations and healthy flavors with us as well. 
    Aleksandra, the owner, and founder of the Ayatana Center has found the love of culinary and vegan cuisine on the web of circumstances. Calm, reserved, yet focused chef faced health problems for a longer period, which, together with investigations, led to the decision to find a better nutritional balance by extracting some of the raw materials from her diet. Afterward, through time, her diet became purely herbal and her well-being improved with a changed diet.

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