Ten years is only the beginning

In 2010 we made a pledge to fight against disposable water bottles. And we’re keeping that promise day by day, even after 10 years. So despite the challenging and uncertain times we all found ourselves in, we have so many reasons to celebrate and be grateful for.


Our amazing community who truly made it happen. Thank you for believing in our story and sharing our love & appreciation of nature and belief that one person truly can make a difference in the world. In all these 10 years.

“Together we have helped avoid 651 million single-use bottles so far from polluting our environment.”

EQUA was founded in 2010 by Anže Miklavec and Stella Korošec as a result of love for nature and healthy lifestyle. The goal was to craft and deliver premium quality products that follow strict codes of ethics for the greater good of all.

Today, we're proud to say that our passions for style, hydration, and sustainability meet in synergy.


In the past 10 years, we’ve introduced to you more than 200+ different designs, and yet they keep improving with every change we make. As such, with the end of a whole decade on the horizon, it seems like a perfect time to make an important announcement for all of you who have been loving and using our bottles for years. 

“217 reasons to celebrate.”

Our known and loved “Diamond” design on all Mismatch water bottles is being replaced with a new 217 water bottle that will hopefully, inspire you to truly make a difference in the world. 

Making that positive switch towards a better tomorrow has never been easier.  So, in the following years buy what you believe in, be kind to nature & remember - you  are always only one step away from creating a different tomorrow.
After all, 7 billion people making 1 change is better than 1 person making 7 billion changes. Will you join us in yet another decade of great style and sustainable living? 


Cheers to the new beginnings - together! 

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