Third one and the best one: SNYRxEQUA collaboration

''Once is a chance, twice is a coincidence, third time's a tradition.'' 
After 2 successful collaborations with our favorite fashion designer Nina Šušnjara, we couldn't do differently than go for another one :) and if you've been a part of the first or/and second collaboration, you can assume that this time it's gonna be BIG. Bigger than any time before.


 Yes – you're seeing right – an upgrade from a bottle to the ultimate must-have this season – bottle bag. Coming with a fine black bottle in nude crack lining & a bag that will meet your smartphone or water bottle carrying needs, wherever you go.

Nina, what was your inspiration behind the design?

I found the inspiration in perfection and everything that is wrong with it. The perspective from which most people perceive perfection is in my point of view mishandling, as the criteria of perfection are burdening, limiting, and judgmental.

What if we find perfection only in imperfection? Imagine the world where we accept and appreciate our “flaws”. The world where our weaknesses suddenly become our strength and the source of our powerful uniqueness. Freedom. Peace. Gratitude.

I believe this is the way to truly notice the beauty of the essence, that this whole time was hidden elsewhere than we originally sought. Within.

How would you style the bottle bag?

Our perfectly imperfect bottle looks great on different styles. Personally, I would style it with sportswear or street style. The colors we used are nude and black and they go with pretty much all colors. For this particular accessory, I love monochromatic outfits where the bottle bag really stands out. It can be a real statement piece or you can blend it in with your outfit in nude colors.  

''The bottle comes with a black matte finish, intertwined with a nude crack lining with SNYR’s signature logo detailing. The accompanying crossover bottle bag contains a pocket for your smartphone and an adjustable long strap for easy carrying.''


You have a busy lifestyle as a designer. How does EQUA help you stay hydrated?

It was a challenge I’m not going to lie. Mainly because my job isn’t that regular 9 to 5 office work, or as many might think “glamourous”, but it’s more like fieldwork. Not only that my lifestyle is busy but it gets really physical really fast :) Years ago water became my no.1 friend and honestly, I struggled with keeping hydrated not because I didn’t have a bottle of water but because I needed to put it somewhere while I run around with gazillion dresses, fabrics, and bags. So, we came up with the idea to design a cool crossbody bottle bag where our hands are still free and we can do whatever we need to do without being thirsty.  

This is your 3rd collaboration with EQUA. How come?  

People who know me, know that my thing is loyalty. I mean where would we be if no one was loyal :) In the past we did two successful collaborations together and the future looks even brighter for us. I see EQUA as everything I believe in. A purposeful brand from my home country that stands for ecology, sustainability, strong messages, and important vision.

Since the beginning of my journey, I believe in collaborations. Together we really can do better. All involved in this project believe in investing and taking care of things, but more importantly, taking care of ourselves, the people around us, and relationships between us.

SUSNYARA brand collaborating with EQUA is just like two old friends bonding, hanging, taking care of each other, having fun, and making things happen. I love it!


Get ready for the new LIMITED-EDITION SNYRxEQUA BOTTLE BAG that will make you look flawless at every step of your way.

Coming next Tuesday, 22th of September 2020 at 2 PM (CEST).

For more info about the upcoming collaboration, see EQUA’s or Nina’s Instagram profile.

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