What does your water bottle say about you?

Whether you’re a stylish, adventurous or sporty type of person, there’s a water bottle that is perfect for you. And nowadays it’s not just a water bottle – it’s rather a symbol. A symbol of health, sustainability, and trends. Fashion trends. 
‘’Water bottle as the new must have: an instant signpost that you’re environmentally conscious while adding a fashion statement to your everyday look.’’
Most fashion designers, from clothing to accessories are sweating with details right now just before opening another season of Fashion Weeks. In line with this, EQUA itself is tossing through upcoming trends, mood boards, and designs while planning the new additions to our collections. And while we search and get inspired by the ideas of great designers - our structure remains the same – designing always trendy & chic reusable water bottles.
What does your water bottle say about you

''Fashion tip for 2019: Reusable water bottle.''

Yes, a reusable water bottle is the one you can drink lots of water from, use it all over again with no retention while having your alpha accessory next to you ALL THE TIME.
What will one say about you? 
  1. A superior choice of taste as glass water bottle keeps filtered water fresh and pure without the risk of chemicals contaminating the water. 
  2. Health & environmentally aware as a glass water bottle is made out of high-quality borosilicate glass with no worries about BPA and other chemicals leaching into your water. 
  3. Keen for aesthetically beautiful designs that can fit each and every personality. A beautiful water bottle that styles well with your outfit, looks, and overall feels while reminding you every time to take another sip of water.
We want EQUA to be your first-hand accessory, BFF with all the benefits it offers while complementing your personal best style.
Say no to disposable lifestyle.
Make drinking water a bliss.


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