What science knows about staying cool during heat wave that you don't?

Is there a way to fight summer fatigue and improve your energy levels? We dived into science backed facts and are breaking them down for you.

Here’s the breakthrough fact: we feel the heat in our body based on how our blood flow works. So, when we’re cold, all our blood stays with the internal organs to keep them warm and almost none gets to the skin (we get frostbite 🥶). And when it’s hot outside, our blood flow goes crazy and tries to remove the excess heat through the skin.
Basically, your goal during the heatwave is to keep your body as calm and relaxed as possible. Here are 3 tips that work 100%:

Take warm showers


A cold shower feels cooler at first because of the combination of cold water and less blood flow to the skin. But in fact, it makes our core body temperature increase, because blood moves away from the skin to “keep the core warm”. And then some minutes later, we feel hot again.

So, keeping cool will be more effective with a warm shower (water temperature about 33⁰C). It will lead to increased blood flow to the skin, and more heat loss from the body and more comfort for you in the long term.


Switch to Matcha for that energy boost

Matcha is the perfect source of stable energy. The main difference with coffee lies in the way Matcha delivers caffeine to your brain. The caffeine in Matcha is absorbed and released slowly over a period of 6-8 hours, which means it provides a sustainable energy boost, rather than a rapid spike and “jitters” associated with coffee. Thus, keeping your blood flow and body temperature more stable.


Be super conscious of your sleep

Saying that sleep is important for your health is an understatement. Just ask  this guy. But good sleep is not always easy to achieve in the heat. So be sure to:

  • be very consistent with your bedtime,
  • stay away from alcohol and caffeine,
  • keep the bedroom cool and dark (ventilation, air conditioning or at least opening the windows, in combination with blackout curtains works best),
  • keep your phone out of the view at least 1 hour before bedtime,
  • and take a warm shower before going to sleep.



We say this all the time, but it’s ESPECIALLY true during hot weather: drink your water consistently during the day to keep your body well.
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