What Style Suits You Best?

What is the one thing you carry around with you most often, from the time you wake up until the point you return back home from your daily activities?
Aside from the bag, your phone and keys, a water bottle probably ranks pretty high on that list.

 Now, not only can you get to feel good with your hydration routine, but can coordinate your favorite water bottle with your daily look, too. With the most dominant of all fabrics this Autumn/ Winter 2018 - Faux Leather. 

3 bottles for 3 types of personalities & fashion styles


Which one suits you most?

Mismatch Graphite

Strong, energetic and sophisticated. A perfect balance of seduction and power.

No other color conveys as many contradictions as the color black, and that's probably the main reason your Mismatch Graphite will serve you well in the upcoming season and all year around, whether in line with trousers, skirt or a simple trench coat.

Mismatch Bronze

Glamorous and ambitious. For all restless, independent and confident souls.

Welcome a new era of unique dressing with a Mismatch Bronze by your side. From an oversized blouse, alluring skirt or a simple slip dress look –  they all make you want to touch it all the time and enjoy in a certain shine it has - just like your next favorite water bottle.


Mismatch beige

Elegant, soft and fits every outfit. A classic that never goes out of style.

Eternal color that mixes comfort with elegance for an all-time appropriate, timeless look. Whether you’re going for oversized jumper, sweater or a simple t-shirt, together with your Mismatch Beige it will make you feel incredibly warm and cosy.  For a simple look & carry around.

So... have you decided?


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