How to choose the best bottle for sports?

We are all aware that proper water intake is the key to a healthy lifestyle. However, it is even more important to take care of your hydration levels while working out, which is why it is essential to carry water whenever you head for a workout to the gym, yoga or simply jogging around your town.
There are different styles of water bottles, each ideal for its own use. Some are amazing for keeping at your work desk, while others might be more convenient on-the-go or in-between your favorite sports activity. And most definitely you have to make sure to choose one that will allow you to enjoy your exercises much more and be more efficient.
What to pay attention to when choosing a water bottle?


Think about sport or activity you are indulged and the main purpose of the water bottle in such. If you’re more of a gym person, you might go for light & unbreakable bottle, while on the other side, if you’re more of an outdoor activist, you might consider something that would keep your drink cold or hot for longer.


The size of the water bottle depends on the water intake that’s required by you during the exercise. It is important to know also how often you take a sip of water during exercise. In EQUA online store, you can find water bottles in different sizes (from 400 to 880ml), so you can select your best size based on your requirements & needs. 


Each water bottle serves its own need. No material is the wrong choice, it is simply up to you to choose one that suits you most. Whether it’s a BPA FREE reusable plastic that’s light and versatile (such as our FLOW), glass bottle that makes water taste way better (you might want to see our trendy Mismatch bottles or squeeze shaped Active bottle for a perfect hand fit), or stainless steel bottle that’ll keep your drinks cold or hot for longer (like our EQUA Basics).


When choosing a sports water bottle, you might want to select one that, besides its functional perks, is good to look at. Because who wouldn’t want to have a bottle to brag about with? EQUA offers you more than 40 designs among which you can choose, and some of them can even be engraved with your personal, motivational message. This way you won’t have an issue losing your bottle while on the run :)


As sports activity should be an essential part of our everyday life, the purpose of the bottle should be the same. Choose one that will be your lifetime companion, and let your body and surroundings thank you! Because why changing disposable plastic bottles at each workout, when you can simply pick one reusable and start your healthy & nature-friendly lifestyle in the instant moment.

While choosing a water bottle, you might keep in mind also the features that go along with different activities you’re planning on using it for. Whether you like to fit ice cubes into your water bottle, you might like one with a wide mouthpiece (which all EQUA bottles luckily have!), or if you strive to have a multifunctional bottle that can be transformed from a smoothie cup & water bottle, all-in-one, you might go for a water bottle which lids are accommodated for straws as well!
Nonetheless, everyone deserves to have his/her ideal water bottle for every sports activity and daily routine. So leave the disposable plastic behind and get yourself something reusable and long-lasting. Because a simple decision today might lead to a happier, healthier & prettier you every day.






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