You don’t need a New Year’s resolution list to live your best life. Instead, stay true to who you are and do it proudly. Take time to think where you are and what you want and express yourself in a way that you are confident without going overboard and becoming something you are not. BE YOU, DO YOU, FOR YOU. Just like our strong and beautiful EQUA babes, whom we teamed up this month to show you how you are enough, just the way you are. Each with their own story, each worthy of all the happiness and each representing how a person should be two things only - who and what s/he wants. So, how about, for this 2020, you just allow yourself to be you? It doesn’t seem like a big resolution, but in fact, this is absolutely MASSIVE. Set your intentions, start your manifestation, and mute everyone that doesn’t bring positivity to your life. Because, once you turn the search inwards and start truly understanding the ‘self’, the actor playing the role, you aren’t just given a chance to start again; it’s more than that. You are reborn, and most importantly, set free. And this is the feeling a New Year should bring. A feeling of release. A feeling of newness. A feeling of being free. A feeling of YOU!