Committed to changing the world
one water bottle at a time.

We believe that it’s possible to be aware of our body, style, and environment altogether. And we’ve made it our mission to craft and deliver premium quality products that follow strict codes of ethics for the greater good of all. Today, we’re proud to say that our passions for style, hydration, and sustainability meet in synergy.


Did you know that up to 60% of your body is water? It means that proper hydration plays a major role in our health, helping to maintain a good digestion system, lowering the risks of chronic illnesses, and reducing fatigue. EQUA bottles are perfect hydration companions. Made from premium-quality materials, they are safe when in contact with food and drinks.

We care about sustainability

Since day one, we’re operating our business in an environmentally friendly way. From choosing sustainable materials for our bottles to reducing our carbon footprint by bringing our production partners closer and having each bottle handled in our HQ. We believe in leading by example and we hope to inspire other companies!

Thanks for joining our family!
Together we have helped avoid 651 million single-use bottles so far from polluting our environment.

Here are ways we're making an impact:

PRODUCTION: We only choose premium-quality, planet-friendly materials to design our products.

EDUCATION: A big part of our marketing focuses on educating our audience about sustainable living and the importance of hydration.

PARTNERSHIPS: Partnerships with social media influencers and major players play an important role in raising awareness about sustainability.

ACTIVE CLEANUP PLAYER: We also regularly take part in cleanup actions and we love it!


When approached by National Geographic about joining their “Planet or Plastic” campaign, it took us 2 seconds to say YES! We’re always here to raise awareness about the problem of plastic pollution. The problem of plastic is not only present “somewhere in the world”, it’s rather happening here and now in our “backyard”, urging people to act now.



We put a lot of effort in trying to bring your attention to what we feel is a really important cause and that your actions count, no matter how little the change might feel. Whether it is on social media, on the web or in your local newspaper we our shouting loud, standing next to you in every climate strike and fighting for (long due) necessary changes.


If it’s not us organising an important event on the topics that matter to all of us, and our values align with the cause of others, we love to show our support by sponsorships. We are a regular active participant in the World Clean Up movement and in the Plastic free July initiative. With 85% of our clients being women and more than 50% of our team being women as well, a very dear cause to us is the Europa Donna organisation advocating for breast cancer prevention.