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MISMATCH is a set of four lively bottles made of borosilicate glass and wrapped in a soft felt cover which keeps the liquids warm or cold, just as you want them. Additionally the bottles is safe wrapped in the felt material. MISMATCH was made for all those who see the beauty of harmony in unconventional concepts and making their own rules.
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EQUA Mismatch bottles

EQUA CMYK DROP collection glass bottles

EQUA CMYK collection logo
EQUA CMYK DROP collection of hand blown glass bottles is the new generation of EQUA reusable bottles. The main features are: an appealing minimalistic design, powerful colours and quality production.
EQUA CMYK DROP collection was inspired by simplicity and beauty of water. Its elegant and clean lines imitate wavy shapes, which can be seen whenever a drop falls into water.
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EQUA CMYK Collection logo
EQUA CMYK SQUEEZE collection of glass bottles is the new generation of EQUA reusable bottles, which are fashionable and convenient as well as suitable for urban, active and energetic people.
EQUA CMYK SQUEEZE glass bottles were inspired by fundamental movements we make every day. That is why special attention was drawn to the ergonomy of the bottle. It is made to perfectly fit into your hand. Made in Europe.

BPA FREE plastic bottles
EQUA BPA free reusable bottles are carefully designed, because we strive for a clean and waste free environment. We made them from a quality material Eastman Tritan that does not contain the harmful compound BPA, which increases the risk of hormonal disorders, allergies, prostate cancer and breast cancer.
EQUA BPA free reusable bottles have diverse designs which are attractive, imaginative, playful and vivid.


EQUA HOME is a line of products that proves growing healthy food is as fun and easy as a child’s game. Equa home is a line of durable, locally produced gardening pots made from natural materials. They were made with love and if handled with love, they will give you the tastiest veggies and spices as well as prettiest flowers.
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EQUA story is substainable

Company History

Our Story

the EQUA story started when Anže, our CEO, was taking a stroll down a nice beach and was disappointed and sad when he caught sight of plastic bottles in the ocean. He started thinking how he could lessen the burden for the Earth. This is how he decided to create EQUA – it unites two words ECO and AQUA (water) and it also means sea in Latin.
A lot of people from all over Europe decided to support his cause and join him in his mission.


EQUA story is ecological

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In the business world it is important that you are distinguishable from the rest. If you want to stand out from the competition and remain in good terms with your commercial partners, give them EQUA reusable bottles, the perfect ecological business gift. For a free preview, prices, more information, please do not hesitate to click here, contact us via email: info@myequa.com or call us at: 00386 59 034 800.

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1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

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