From New York to Paris with EQUA

This February, EQUA made its debut in the fashion world, visiting all 3 major world known fashion weeks. From hectic days, runway shows, to meeting Influencers from all around the globe, we stepped on the scene on what’s to come with our favorite fashion Ambassador, Tesa Jurjaševič.

The trendiest accessory to carry during Fashion Weeks? Water bottle.
EQUA strives to incorporate designs, that will act sustainably, yet look flawlessly amazing. In this sense, it is important we always stay up to date – on what’s soon-to-be and how to make an impact. Our primary rule is to stay hydrated while looking good doing it. 
Perfect timing to get inspired is worldwide runways. As the fashion week excitement starts, most participants say goodbye to sleeping and eating, while waving hello to endless nights, deadlines, and a dozen outfit changes per day. And in this hectic time – water is a must. You have to make an impression – looking and feeling beautiful inside out. The latter confirms even Tesa, our beloved fashionista, who shared a glimpse behind the fashion weeks in our interview.
Hydration break, with a touch of fashion.
From New York to Paris with EQUA

1 Tesa - you and fashion. What does it mean to you and how does it awaken your creativity?

Fashion can be easily judged and compared as it is based on the looks, on one’s appearance, however it is also a form of art. It’s creative, full of passion and beautiful ideas that all come together in one single garment. And for me, fashion is not just love. It is a true passion, a way of expressing myself and a way of life. My love for it started quite early and I’m not really sure why I fell in love with it in the first place, but it’s something that has been a part of my everyday life and my identity for as long as I can remember. It definitely gives me an opportunity to be creative, to get inspired and hopefully to inspire!

2 When did you start participating in fashion week trills and how did that happen?

First fashion week I’ve ever attended was the Milan fashion week in 2013 and to be completely honest, I can’t remember why and how I decided to go there. I believe I was influenced by other bloggers that would attend fashion weeks on a regular basis, I applied to a few shows and when I actually got invited to some of them, I decided to give it a try! What I do remember is that I had absolutely no idea what was I getting myself into, it was definitely quite different to how my fashion weeks look now, but it was a cute experience from which I’ve learned a lot. 

3 Please portray one day in-between the shows.

I’d wake up around 6:30/7 AM to have my usual morning routine, including proper breakfast, beauty touch, and smooth water intake. During fashion month I work with a special hair salon, so each morning their stylist would come to my hotel to do my hair. I usually leave the room around 10 AM (or earlier, it depends on a schedule). And after that, it’s pretty much running from one place to another. Fashion shows, events, and presentations are usually spread all over the city, so I’d walk up to 20km per day! Of course, on the go, I have to also take photos and prepare content for my social media, so lunch breaks are usually spent editing photos. In this regard, I always try to stay hydrated in between, as it keeps me looking fresh and energized at all times. I come back to my hotel room around 7/8PM, just to get ready for evening events, that can last up to 2 AM in the morning.

 4 What are the must-haves in your bag when traveling from one fashion week to another?

As far as beauty goes I’d say some sort of hair oil (as with airplanes and New York weather your hair gets out of control), a hand cream, face masks, and a good concealer to hide those dark circles! Additionally, a chic bottle that looks like a fashion accessory is just perfect to keep my appearance fresh & my mind focused on those hectic days. And of course, bandages are a must and also a good book and good music on your phone to pretty much keep you sane! 

From New York to Paris with EQUA

Chic bottle that looks like a fashion accessory is just perfect to keep your appearance fresh, no matter how hectic your days can be.

So grab your EQUA and make it slay.


Special thanks to Tesa Jurjaševič, blogger and EQUA’s Ambassador for sharing a glance of fashion week in-sights, the side rarely who speaks about. For more fashion talks, visit Tesa’s Instagram at @tesajurjasevic.

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