Reasons why we love borosilicate glass

 Great improvements can be made with small changes to your everyday habits. And carrying a water bottle with you at all times make you one step closer those for sure. It helps you stay hydrated, influences your mind & body performance while making you stand out and looking beautiful.
In this era, buying disposable plastic bottle is nonsensical considering all the alternatives there are available. So if you are thinking about owning a reusable water bottle, you are for sure a great step closer in making a positive lifestyle change.

At EQUA, we’re designing water bottles so that you can enhance all the health benefits of drinking water. And we’re devoting lots of our attention to the quality of our products in this sense. 

Many of our water bottles are made from high-quality borosilicate glass. Glass that is known as durable, sustainable and resistant. And just because glass can break when dropped or mishandled does not mean it is a weak material of construction.

While the different variations of glass may look similar, they are not the same. Borosilicate glass – the main component of all EQUA glass water bottles – is a significant upgrade from traditional glass, and these differences can make a big impact on both, your personal health and environment when combined over time.

It’s good for you. Borosilicate glass resists chemicals and acid degradation, so you don’t need to worry about stuff soaking into your water. You can put it in the dishwasher or use it to store hot liquids. No need to concern yourself with the bottle heating up and releasing harmful toxins into the liquid you are drinking. A wide mouth provides enough room for fruit or herb infusions, so you may use your EQUA glass bottle to suffuse your favorite tea or coffee safely as well.

It’s better for your surroundings. Disposable plastic water bottles are harmful to the environment. They almost always end up in either a landfill, lake or ocean and often times the process of breaking down and reusing plastics leaves a heavy carbon footprint. Since borosilicate glass is made from naturally abundant materials that are more easily obtained than oil, the environmental impact is also smaller. Not to mention, if handled with care, borosilicate glass can last a lifetime.

It makes things taste better. Have you ever drank from disposable plastic bottles and tasted the plastic from which you are drinking? This occurs because it is actually seeping into your water due to the solubility of the plastic. This is both harmful to your health and unpleasant. When using borosilicate glass the liquid inside remains pure, and because borosilicate glass has low solubility, it keeps your beverage free from contamination.

It takes time to switch to a greener, more conscious lifestyle, but with the right mindset and concentrated effort, we can all get there. And owning a nature-friendly water bottle is just one step we can take towards a smarter, more sustainable lifestyle. 


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