Congratulations for saying YES to yourself!

We all know that building new habits is one of the hardest things. EQUA SMART is here to help you improve your daily water intake and overall wellbeing.

You are only a few moments away from completely falling in love with your new water bottle. This is your guide to get you started on your new hydration routine.

Welcome to EQUA family!

Do this first

  • Before cleaning your bottle, remove the tracker from the bottom.
  • Clean your bottle with soap and hot water before first use.
  • Also check the Care & Maintenance instructions section below.

Activate the tracker

  • Activate the tracker by connecting it to power.
  • Use the Micro B type USB cable included in the box

Handle the battery carefully

  • The battery is placed in the tracker on the bottom of the bottle.
  • Read the “Recharging the battery” section below.


To turn on your bottle’s smart features, connect it to the app.
Download the app here:

You will be guided through the setup and installation.

  • Make sure to sync the app with your bottle every 24 hours!
  • More quedstions? Please visit the Smart app FAQ here.


Carry your bottle anywhere safely without fearing to spill any liquid.

Every detail has been thought of to make your bottle extra special.

It does not contain any bisphenol compounds such as BPA, BPS, and BPF. Woohoo!

The double insulation and the copper layer keep your drink cold for 24h or hot for up to 12h.

Stainless steel is safe when in contact with your hot or cold drinks.

Bluetooth 4.2 with rechargeable battery.

Motion sensor technology with the light that glows when you need to hydrate.


It glows when you need to hydrate

Once you’re thirsty, it’s already too late. Your bottle reminds you when it’s time to hydrate.

Your personalised health plan

Your body is unique and needs a personalised hydration plan. The smart app calculates your optimal water intake for you based on your lifestyle and charateristics.

Tracking & analysing

The app tracks how much water you drink. Check the statistics and you’re likely to realize that the days when you reach your daily goal, you'll feel more energised.

Release any stress with the breathing feature

The app also includes a breathing feature to help you relax, release, and come back to your center anytime you need it during those busy days.


Your bottle communicates with you even without the use of your phone! A gentle tap on the bottle and it will glow to show you your hydration state. One slow glow indicates you’re hydrated. Three short glows and it’s time to take a sip.


Your bottle communicates with you even without the use of your phone! A gentle tap on the bottle and it will glow to show you your hydration.

  • One slow glow indicates you’re hydrated.
  • Three short glows and it’s time to take a sip.


To keep your EQUA SMART in perfect condition, we recommend rinsing it with hot water and soap after every use. You can also clean the bottle with natural alternatives such as a mix of raw rice and baking soda.

Clean my bottle kit

The top is scratch sensitive, it can break and fall off. We recommend cleaning with warm water and microfibre cloth.

4 steps to recharge the battery

You can check the battery indicator in the EQUA app at any time. If the battery is low, the app will remind you to recharge it.

Carefully take the tracker off the bottle. There is a socket for usb connector on the top of the tracker capsule (1).

For recharging the battery use a micro B type USB cable only! (included in the box). Take off the safety silicone plug that is covering the connector on the tracker (2).

Connect the cable with the tracker while it is detached from the bottle (3).

Once the battery is full, attach the safety silicone plug back on and the tracker back to the bottom of the bottle. Double tap the bottle - it should glow if the battery is successfully recharged (4).

Cap & Handle

Do not put the cap near the handle in a dishwasher or in a microwave!

. . .

The cap should not get in touch with aggressive chemicals.


The tracker is not waterproof. The electronic parts built-in can get damaged if wet.

. . .

Do not soak the tracker, wash it or leave it attached to the bottle while the bottle is being washed.

. . .

Do not put the tracker in a dishwasher, microwave, fridge or freezer!

. . .

Handle the tracker with utmost care and never apply force of any kind, such as throwing, hitting,...

. . .

For recharging the battery use a Micro B type USB cable only! (included in the box)


Be careful, the content may be hot when in use! Always make sure about the temperature of the content before sipping directly out of the bottle.

. . .

Do not fill the bottle with CO2 drinks!

. . .

Do not put a full or empty bottle in the freezer or in a microwave!

. . .

Do not clean the bottle with ALCOHOL!

. . .

Handle the bottle with utmost care and never apply force of any king, such as throwing, hitting, ...


To claim your warranty, contact EQUA or your local distributor. Equa Smart and its electronic components have a limited 1-year warranty. If EQUA electronic components fail within one year since the date of purchase, email us at Please include a proof of purchase in your email such as an invoice, order confirmation email or receipt.

This way, we will be able to identify and determine your problem, and see how to get it fixed quickly and easily. In order to arrange the warranty issues, you are responsible for paying and freight charges and any duties for replacement parts that EQUA or your local distributor might send you. We might require labor effort to be provided by you in order to solve the problem.

• • •

The high quality craftsmanship of EQUA products is guaranteed by companies: ZIVIO LLC for the US consumers, and EQUA d.o.o. for the EU consumers. Buyers outside these regions should get in touch with their local distributor market on the packaging.