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EQUA Home Tangram EQUA Home Tangram EQUA Home Tangram EQUA Home Tangram
EQUA Home Tangram
EQUA Home Tangram
EQUA Home Tangram
EQUA Home Tangram

EQUA Home Tangram

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EQUA Home Tangram, a modular hanging garden, was produced by EQUA to enable you to grow your own healthy home grown food or spices in the comfort of your home, balcony, terrace, even inside apartment. It can also be used as a decorative pot for smaller flowers. You can tie multiple Hanging gardens one to another and form a consecutive hanging garden.

  • Made in Slovenia, EU
  • Size: Length: 11 cm; Width: 11 cm; Height: 18cm 
  • Volume: 0,6 l
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Tangram contains 3 pots made of felt, a protective layer and metal hanging rings
  • Very easy to assemble

All natural materials: felt and wood. Soft felt has perfect characteristics for treatment of growing plants, since it enables the plants and soil to breath and at the same time hold just the right amount of water and moisture for the plants to enjoy the perfect growing environment.

Equa Home products all contain wooden parts, which are locally obtained from the trees that were destroyed in the natural disaster which occurred in Slovenian forests in the winter of 2014.

It comes with a specially designed protective layer, which is easily placed inside the pot and it protects the pot from leaking but at the same time keeps humidity and enables the plants to breath. 

NOTE: You should be careful when watering the plants, since extensive watering can damage your plants and can cause leaking of the pots.