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About EQUA

Curious about EQUA's story? We've gathered the answers to your most burning questions. 

EQUA brand name is a fusion of the two words “eco” and “aqua” and symbolizes the mission EQUA stands for.

Eco stands for “ecology” and marks the brand’s environmental purpose to offer reusable products as a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic products. Our mission is to preserve nature by helping to reduce the number of disposable plastic water bottles that too often end up in our environment. “Aqua” is the latin word for water and directly relates to the usage of EQUA bottles that carry water most of the time.

#MyEqua is the official hashtag for our products and MYEQUA is used as a name for all EQUA’s social media accounts.

EQUA is different on so many levels, but the most beautiful compliment we get from our customers around the world is that they know we really care. We care about people’s hydration and their wellbeing. And we care about the planet. Thus our slogan: For your health and nature’s wealth.

Our team of engineers and designers is constantly working on improving people’s lives because we believe that it’s possible to do good in the world without compromising on your style. 

With innovation as a central part of our creative process, we take pride in launching several collections of products a year that keep surprising our customers and improve their habits while making a positive impact on our environment.

We are also a regular active player for causes around sustainability and other causes that are important to us.

Our headquarters is based in Slovenia, in the heart of Europe. Since day one, we’ve taken the pledge to build our company in an environmentally-friendly way and over time, we’ve also managed to bring most of our partners closer to us with the aim to reduce our carbon footprint. Today, we are proud to say that all of our products are hand-assembled and shipped from Europe, and that many of them are also manufactured in Europe, responding to high codes of ethics.

EQUA’s mission is to change the world, one water bottle at a time - and ultimately live in a world free of single-use plastic. Are you with us? Don’t think you are too small to create a big change. 

In fact, we believe that it’s possible to be aware of our body, style, and environment altogether. And we’ve made it our mission to craft and deliver premium quality products that follow strict codes of ethics for the greater good of all. Today, we’re proud to say that our passions for style, hydration, and sustainability meet in synergy. We are active through both online and offline channels, organising events and supporting other important causes such as world cleanup movement, world breast cancer day and Charity : Water.

You can find more about our environmental engagement in the About section, under “Sustainability” and “Our Mission”.

At EQUA, we care about health and nature’s wealth. Our mission is centered around two important topics: hydration and sustainability.

Why hydration? Proper hydration plays a major role in our health, helping to maintain a good digestion system, lowering the risks of chronic illnesses, and reducing fatigue. EQUA bottles are perfect hydration companions and help you take your wellbeing to the next level.

We also care about sustainability for a simple reason: There is no planet B! Since day one, we've been operating our business in an environmentally friendly way. From choosing sustainable materials for our bottles to reducing our carbon footprint by bringing our production partners closer and having each bottle handled in our HQ. We believe in leading by example and we hope to inspire other companies!

If you want to learn more about our mission and read about the events we are part of and causes we support, feel free to have a look at our Mission section.

Our bottles

Everything and anything you need to know about EQUA bottles.

EQUA bottles come in different sizes and shapes. Here are the volumes available:

• 800 ml / 27 oz

• 750 ml / 25 oz

• 680 ml / 23 oz

• 600 ml / 20 oz

• 550 ml / 19 oz

• 400 ml / 14 oz

You have the option to filter bottles by volumes on our store to easily find the size you're looking for.

To maintain your bottle’s quality and preserve the freshness of your drinks, we recommend regular cleaning. But please avoid detergents that can harm nature and your bottle.

Rinse your bottle with hot water and mild soap at least once a day. And for thorough clean, use hot water, vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda. You can also purchase our planet-friendly Clean My Bottle Kit that works like a charm.

And yes, all our bottles are dishwasher safe (remove caps, silicones, and covers as these are not dishwasher safe), except for the following bottles: Ginkgo, Bloom, and Ash, that are sensitive due to their matt finish and should be cleaned by hand. 

Yes, almost all EQUA bottles are dishwasher safe (see the exceptions below). Please keep in mind to remove caps, silicones, and covers before, as theses should be cleaned by hand.

Please note that the following bottles are NOT dishwasher safe: Ginkgo, Bloom, and Ash, that are sensitive due to their matt finish. 

For more information, please have a look at the Clean My Bottle Kit available here.

Absolutely. Our team of engineers made sure to design the mouthpiece of all our bottles to fit ice cubes perfectly. Don’t miss our stainless steel bottle collection! EQUA SMART and EQUA CLASSY THERMO are resistant to big termal changes and can carry your drink cold for up to 24h (and your hot tea for up to 12h).

Absolutely! All EQUA bottles are BPA FREE and respond to the highest standards of European regulations. We only choose premium-quality materials so it’s perfectly safe to drink from EQUA bottles. In fact, our bottles are not only BPA FREE, they do not contain any bisphenol compounds such as BPS and BPF, substances that are otherwise present in single-use plastic bottles and are harmful to our bodies.

Yes! All our bottles are 100% leak proof, so you can carry them wherever you go, at work or at the gym, in your favorite handbag or to the top of a mountain, without having to worry about eventual leaks.

Both EQUA glass bottles and stainless steel bottles can handle big thermal changes - from -10 up to 90 degree Celsius. EQUA SMART and EQUA CLASSY THERMO are built with a double insulation (triple wall) and can carry your cold drink for up to 24h or hot tea for up to 12h. As for the glass Mismatch bottles, they also offer thermal protection with their felt and faux-leather covers.

Absolutely! You can simply order a new cap via our website. There are 9 different designs to choose from, so you can even switch them according to your style or mood!

To avoid constant moisture in the cap that can affect your EQUA bottle in the long term, make sure to leave the bottle open and dry it upside down.

Also, whenever you’re not using your bottle for a while (for example at work), make sure to keep it without the cap on to allow the inside to dry out. 

You can also clean your bottle with sodium bicarbonate just in case or purchase our Clean my Bottle Kit. If you follow these simple steps, this won't happen again.

We’re glad you ask! At EQUA, we’re trying our best to be as transparent as possible with our customers regarding our manufacturing processes, because, let’s be honest here, we share the same planet.

Looking to reduce our carbon footprint, we’re bringing our partners closer to our headquarters in the heart of Europe. And we’re happy to say that most of our bottles are manufactured in Europe: in Austria and Czech Republic. Accessories and smaller components such as caps, silicones, and covers are made in China.

Since day one, we’ve made the pledge to build our company in an environmentally-friendly way and ten years later, we’re keeping our promise!

Since there are so many different dimensions of car cup holders out there, it is hard to say that EQUA bottles fit all of them. But we can say that EQUA bottles fit the majority of car and bike cup holders. In case you’d want to double check with the dimensions of the cup holder you’re using, simply select the bottle you’d like to purchase from our store and click on “MORE INFO +”. You can check the bottle diameter in the dimensions section.

We advise not to use EQUA bottles for carbonated drinks. The CO2 gas can create pressure in the bottle and in some cases, the bottle could explode.

All EQUA bottles come in a box, to ensure a safe delivery. Additionally, you can purchase our gift packaging box if you want to make a bottle extra special.

In an unlikely event that you receive a flawed product, please send us an email at with images documenting the flaw you discovered within 7 working days of the delivery date. We will inspect each complaint individually and replace the flawed part if discovered that replacement should take place. 

As for our SMART water bottle, we offer a limited 1-year guarantee on the electronic part - tracker. Get in touch with us via email via to claim your warranty.

EQUA Smart water bottle

Our stainless steel collection draws a lot of attention. Find out more about it in this section.

EQUA SMART water bottle goes way beyond the functions of a water bottle. Its smart features turn it into a personalised health coach that will help you take your hydration habit to the next level. With motion technology integrated, the bottom tracker of the bottle will glow every time you need to take a sip of water. 

Connect your bottle to the smart app, let it analyse your lifestyle and unique body characteristics and let the magic begin! The app connects to your bottle, tracking, analysing, recommending your daily water intake, and supporting you whenever you need a boost.

Both CLASSY THERMO and EQUA SMART bottles are beautiful and sustainable water bottles part of our stainless steel collection. CLASSY offers all of the thermal functionalities of a thermo bottle. 

EQUA SMART goes way beyond a water bottle. With smart features integrated, it turns into your personalised health coach and will help you take your hydration habit to the next level.

Connect your EQUA SMART bottle to the smart app, let it analyse your lifestyle and unique body characteristics and let the magic begin! The app tracks, analyses, recommends your daily water intake, and supports you whenever you need a boost. And for those busy stressful days, it also includes a breathing feature that helps you focus on your breath and center your thoughts whenever you need it.

Handle your battery carefully! You can check the battery indicator in the EQUA app at any time. When the battery is low, the app will also remind you to recharge it. The fully charged battery typically lasts around a month. 

Carefully take the tracker off the bottle. There is a socket for the USB connector on the top of the tracker capsule.

For recharging the battery using a micro B type USB cable only (included in the box). Take off the safety silicone plug that is covering the connector on the tracker. Connect the cable with the tracker while it is detached from the bottle.

Once the battery is full, attach the safety silicone plug back on and put the tracker back to the bottom of the bottle. Double tap the bottle – the tracker will glow if the battery is successfully recharged.

Got any question or need to solve an issue? 

Please visit our FAQ & troubleshooting page, here.

Personalise your bottle

Make your bottle unique with a personalised engraving cap.

Bottle personalisation is our customers’ favourite and it’s a really easy process! 

Pick the glass or stainless steel bottle of your choice from our online store and click on the “personalise” button (right above the cart button). You will have the option to enter your message and add a symbol if you want to.

Adding a personalised message only takes a few seconds but can show someone you really care about them.

If you choose to personalise a bottle with an engraved cap, note that it typically takes up to 3 working days for it to be created. So please add that period to calculate your delivery time.

Packing, Ordering, Shipping

Learn more about the delivery times and shipping costs in the section below.

Our mission is to change the world one reusable bottle at a time. That is why we deliver EQUA bottles worldwide, to help you create a happier & healthier planet wherever you live.

We aim to ship in-stock products within 1-2 working days. Please expect longer delivery times in peak seasons (Christmas, bigger sales periods,...).

If you choose to personalise a bottle with an engraved cap, note that it can take up to 3 working days for the cap engraving to be created, so please add that period when calculating delivery time.

Please use the shipping rates calculator below to calculate exact shipping costs for your country:

All orders are shipped from our headquarters in the heart of Europe, Slovenia.

Please note that for all orders made from countries outside the EU, shipments may be subject to import fees and taxes that are due on arrival and are not covered by the shipping costs charged in our web store. It's impossible for us to determine customs charges as they vary from country to country and state to state. If you need any detailed information about these charges, please contact your local customs office. Tell them you'll be receiving a shipment from Slovenia, Europe in the amount of your purchase value. They'll be able to calculate the exact fees.


Sorry, we are unable to deliver to a P.O. Box address.

Tracking will be provided to you via email by the shipping company as soon as the parcel leaves our storage. At that moment you'll receive a notification email from them stating the tracking number and a link to where you can follow your package on every step of the way to your door. Make sure to check your spam folder in case you can’t see it.

We deliver our packages with two different shipping providers GLS and DHL, depending on your shipping address. Both carriers are highly reliable and guarantee tracking your order.

After your order is shipped, you'll receive a 'shipping confirmation' email containing a tracking code for your package.

All EQUA bottles come in a box, but if you want to make a bottle extra special, you can additionally purchase a beautiful and sustainable gift packaging box  that will work like a charm!  

Gift packaging boxes are suitable for all glass and stainless steel EQUA bottles (except for Mismatch with felt covers).

You can choose between two sizes:

80 x 80 x 245mm (for 550 ml bottles) or 80 x 80 x 255 mm (for 750 ml bottles).

Returns & Exchanges

If you find out that your order somehow doesn’t meet your expectations, please check this section.

Please understand that we cannot change your order once it is confirmed and paid for. Our store is directly linked to the inventory and doesn't allow us to make changes by hand.

However, if, after receiving your order you are not 100% satisfied with the product, we invite you to send us an email to, so we can check and authorize the return.

Due to the very nature of personalised items, engraved caps are made to order and cannot be exchanged or returned.

That being said, if for some reason the bottle you ordered does not meet your expectations, you should send us an email to immediately, so we can check and authorize the return. You have 14 days from the delivery date to inform us about your order cancellation and 30 days to bring your return to the post (it needs to be postmarked within these 30 days).

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. Please note that we will consider your request but we cannot offer a refund for the cost of the cap that includes engraving.

We're sure you're going to love your new EQUA bottle, but if you unpack it and find out that it somehow does not meet your expectations and it isn’t right for you, you should send us an email to immediately, so we can check and authorize the return.

You have 14 days from the delivery date to inform us about your order cancellation and 30 days to bring your return to the post (it needs to be postmarked within these 30 days). To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition as you received it.

Please keep in mind that we are not able to directly exchange goods so if you decide you would like a different product you will need to return your order and place and a new one.

Send us an email to to let us know about your situation. As soon as our Customer Support team reaches out to you,  send us your item(s) to:

EQUA d.o.o.

Koprska 106d

1000 Ljubljana



Please keep in mind that you will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your items. Shipping costs, customs, and personalised items are non-refundable. If you are eligible for a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.

In the unlikely event of receiving a flawed product, please send us an email at with images documenting the flaw you discovered. Please do that within 7 working days of the delivery date. We will inspect each complaint individually and replace the flawed part if discovered that replacement should take place.

Depending where you live, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary.

Once the goods are returned to us in the original and unused condition we will quality check them and process a refund for the goods. Depending on the original payment, it will take a few days to see the refund on your account.

Corporate Gifts

Premium water bottles that empower your co-workers’ wellbeing & increase your brand visibility. You're welcome!

We happily customise EQUA bottles with companies' logotypes and colours. To learn more about the process please check our Corporate Gifts page.

Please check our corporate gifts page to see all the possibilities that our business gifts offer. On the top of this page, you also have the option to download our catalogue with bottle specifications and ordering process.

For business gifts, keep in mind that a minimum order of 50 bottles is required, but we’re happy to engrave your logotype on caps for a minimum of 10 bottles. And if you would like to engrave some text on caps, there is no minimum order required.

Wholesale & Retail

Looking to sell or distribute EQUA bottles? Reach out and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Interested in joining our tribe of 480 shops worldwide? Feel free to visit our wholesale page for more information on our offer or send us an email to

We would love to get in touch and see if we can do business together. For more information about our distribution conditions, send us an email to and we will shortly get in touch with you.


Every year, we have the pleasure to collaborate with many brands, companies, partners, organisations, and influencers.

Feel free to get in touch with us to see if or how we could create a possible win-win partnership. Send us an email to:

If you're an influencer with an active community on Instagram, Youtube or Tiktok please get in touch with us at:


We’re growing fast and we’re constantly looking for new talents to help us conquer new milestones in the hydration and sustainable worlds.

Please check our career page to see all open applications and make sure to also have a look at “meet our team” page to learn about the values we’re standing for.